Our customers/clients include dealer's network & institutes such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, multi-national, Government & semi-Government offices. This means our target is both wholesale & retail. Certain items we import require distribution through dealers' network with warranty, where as many other products are for direct end-users with service backup guarantees.

4. Electric Power Control System:

Automatic Voltage Regulator (A.V.R), Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S), Transformers, Inverters, Electric Generators, Lithium and Lead Acid Maintenance

Free Batteries, Battery Charger, Halogen Spot Light, Energy Meters (Gas and Electric), Line Conditioner, and Power Strip with RFI/EFI filters, Pressure, Pump, Air Compressor, Surge Suppressor, Ultra Isolating Transformer, etc.

5. Solar Power System & Components:

We undertakes Solar Projects for Homes, Offices, Factories, agriculture filed etc.
We also carry components & accessories of Solar System

- We take pride in representing some local & International popular brands.


STABIMATIC UK ® for electric power control systems.